I have been extremely fortunate to have worked as a reporter, and well rewarded.

My writing career has allowed me to witness many memorable moments in history and share time and conversation with individuals who charged society through their ideology and their actions.

Whether writing about Moscow in the early years of glasnost, the Vatican Synod, Christopher Columbus' descendant, Italian prostitution, a terrorist attack at Fiumicino airport or about a Holocaust survivor, my pen and curiosity never tired.

Since 1983, I have written hundreds of articles, and wisely kept most of them, even those yellowed beyond readability. I share some of them with you.


Buying a condom in Canada wasn’t always a snap
The Medical Post
July 25, 1989

Merlin law under attack:
Italian prostitutes demand their rights
Rome Daily American
March 2, 1986

Canadian artist Garth Speight’s Vatican success
Rome Daily American
October 5, 1985

Mothers Battling Heroin
The Toronto Star
November 8, 1986

Thornhill producer in spotlight after film gets critical acclaim
The Toronto Star
December 16, 1986

Coming of age in the Italian countryside
Traditional life thrives in Villavallelonga
Toronto Star
June 17, 2006

City of peace
CBC News Online
August 5, 2004

The Plastic Kingdom
The Financial Post Magazine
May 1994

Building the city ─ and fortunes
The Toronto Star
June 4, 1992

Vimy Ridge
CBC News Online
April 9, 2004